Upper (body) & Under (Armour)

Today was tough. Love working upper body though.

A1 Bench press (3×10)

A2 Single arm pulls (Each arm – 3×10)

B1 Bent over barbell rows (3×10)

B2 Cable crossover (3×10)

C1 Smith machine pull (3×10)

C2 Smith machine push (3×10)

D1 Treadmill pushes (30 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 seconds on, twice) – Grueling!!!!

D2 Plate raises (10 each – triceps, overhead, chest up, horizontal, chest down; 20 – hip to hip, twice)

  • Treadmill pushes are a great way to skyrocket your heart rate after a lifting session. It’s running on the treadmill while it’s off. Grip the sides of the treadmill and keep your head low. Maintain the same pace throughout!
  • Smith machine pulls are no joke. They’re also one of my favorite ways to work biceps. Improve each time by moving your feet further away from you, so you have more of your body to pull up to the bar.
  • YouTube these workouts if you don’t know what they are.

*** Link of the day – Here is how Under Armour grew from its humble beginnings to a $15 billion industry. I cover Notre Dame football as a sports writer, and last year Under Armour signed its biggest deal ever with a college team when it signed with the Irish ($90 mil). Under Armor reps were also at my gym today. They’re in town (Indianapolis) for the NFL combine this week as they work on re-upping their shoe deal with Cam Newton. The cleats the Panthers signal-caller dawned this past season were sweet.






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