Focus Friday

It’s Friday already? This week has flown by! I was in Raleigh (home) last weekend for my brother’s college graduation. It was great seeing so much family and so many friends.






Last but not least, a home-cooked meal Carolina style: poppyseed bread that melts in your mouth, honey-baked ham, butter beans, deviled eggs, berries, steak and chicken

But back in Indy, I am going to a hot yoga class on Sunday, and while I don’t always agree with the literal wording that yoga teaches, I am an advocate of turning the often eloquent and spiritual inspiration into something that I can parallel with my own religious beliefs. I take yoga for what it is! I believe it’s important to incorporate a form of exercise into your routine where you don’t feel the need to push yourself to the point of exhaustion. Even if it’s only once week, I love going to the yoga studio. It’s a totally different experience from my rigorous strength training. For a competitive person, who pushes herself hard to excel in everything she commits herself to, it’s a lovely change of pace to embrace being an amateur at something!

Lovely links:

Adore this Aussie nutritionist! I think (as girls especially) this post from Jessica Sepel is so important and relatable. Who hasn’t struggled with this one way or another? For me, points No. 4, 6, 8 and 10 resonate strongly.

Along the same lines as the aforementioned link: Food shame: The Morality of Eating  —> thought-provoking read!



Derby pictures + today’s workout

Tough getting back at it today after a weekend of bourbon, pizza and ice cream. But just making yourself get back on track the sooner the better makes it easier in the long run, promise! Why is it always hardest to workout when you need it the most?




Today’s workout:

A1 Hang clean press (3×10)

A2 Squatting bicep machine pulls (3×10)

A3 Alternating dumbbell press (3×20)

B1 Front squat (3×10)

B2 Hack squat with dumbbell (3×20)

C1 Plate pushes on hardwood (30 seconds)

C2 Dumbbell burpee (30 seconds)

C3 Ball throw-down (15 seconds, each side)

D1 Squatting ball press (30 seconds)

D2 Bench hops (30 seconds)

Now it’s errands and work before heading back to Raleigh on Wednesday for my brother’s college graduation and Mother’s Day festivities!