Derby pictures + today’s workout

Tough getting back at it today after a weekend of bourbon, pizza and ice cream. But just making yourself get back on track the sooner the better makes it easier in the long run, promise! Why is it always hardest to workout when you need it the most?




Today’s workout:

A1 Hang clean press (3×10)

A2 Squatting bicep machine pulls (3×10)

A3 Alternating dumbbell press (3×20)

B1 Front squat (3×10)

B2 Hack squat with dumbbell (3×20)

C1 Plate pushes on hardwood (30 seconds)

C2 Dumbbell burpee (30 seconds)

C3 Ball throw-down (15 seconds, each side)

D1 Squatting ball press (30 seconds)

D2 Bench hops (30 seconds)

Now it’s errands and work before heading back to Raleigh on Wednesday for my brother’s college graduation and Mother’s Day festivities!




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