Drop sets (!!!)

Friday was my first day doing drop sets.

Drop setting is the practice of working to almost fail with a single weight, then stripping off approximately 10 to 30 percent of the weight to complete more reps to fail this time – with no rest in between. You repeat this process continually until you’ve stripped away all of the weight. You need to do it with a partner or trainer for most exercises, so they can drop the weight for you, thus minimizing the rest time.

Compared to straight sets, drop sets are super effective in inducing hypertrophy (muscular growth) but not conducive to speed or power (so it’s more popular with power-lifters and body builders instead of athletes). By adding a drop set and stripping off weight and continuing the set without rest, you must recruit “reserve fibers” and use everything in the tank to complete the set. After you complete one entire drop set, make sure you rest at least three minutes before doing another.

According to ALLMAX Nutrition, “The primary focus of drop setting is to shock the muscle by adding stress to a standard set. This added stress induces hypertrophy within the muscle amplifying muscle growth.”

I did my drop setting on bench and the end of my upper body workout, but you can do it at the beginning, too.

A1 Pull on Smith machine (4×10)

A2 Push on Smith machine (4×10)

B1 Reverse bench press (2×10)

B2 Upright row (2×10)

C1 Bench press drop set (4×10)

Rest 3 mintues

Give it a go!!




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